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Wilhelm Scream Acoustic


I like the blues. Sometimes I like the grubbiest, dirtiest, acoustic blues around.

When I first moved to Winnipeg in 2007 I had left all my gear back in Brandon. After one weekend of no music I knew I had to get my hands on a cheap guitar. In a pawn-shop music store downtown I found this sad looking acoustic guitar for $20.00. How could I go wrong?

The guitar served it’s purpose and gave me the opportunity to write licks while staying with family. Once I did move into my own place the guitar became a decoration; first above my bar and then in a window. I began thinking of ways to have a fine-tuned dirty acoustic sound, but not have a need for a specific amp or any pedals.

I decided that giving this old acoustic a Humbucker and a distortion pedal was the way to do it.

Another project of mine left me with a bridge pick-up from a Les Paul copy, and after much trial and error I found two items in my scrap box to use: The brace from an electrical light box and a rubber gasket for a toilet seal. Mounting the Humbucker in the sound hole, now it was on to the built in distortion pedal.



HPIM1431 HPIM1429





Complete with a 9v battery compartment to power the Behringer Tube Overdrive board installed beneath the surface, this guitar is still a good acoustic. But where it really shines is in the control it offers for shaping your sound. Now with three knobs; Drive, Tone, and Level, this is the perfect dirty acoustic blues guitar around. The gasket works great to reduce feedback, yet allows the guitar to still resonates with the vibration of the strings. Being able to increase the gain yourself, it works fine to play clean acoustic, allowing for shaping with a single tone control.

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Vox AC30 (Custom Classic 2X)

After playing solid state amps all my life, I knew that it was time to venture into “tube world”. I like the sound of vintage stacks and small boutique combos, so I knew that this purchase was going to be one of the classic tube amp variety.

With my eyes open for weeks, I had found a few Vox AC30 reissues that I liked, but none of them in my price range. Then viola, an ad on! I picked up the CC2X version of the Vox AC30, a Gator case and the Vox effects control pedal (normally sold separately) for less than stores were selling just the amp for.


Needless to say, I’m very impressed with this combo amp. With very few controls the Vox still offers a plethora of options for shaping and controlling your tone. Whether it’s a classic rock crunch, a country twang, or a dirty blues; this amp pushes the sound with specs that suggest a 40 Watt output through a total of eight tubes (4 x EL84, 3 x 12AX7, 1 x GZ34).

So far my only complaint about the amp is the weight. Coming in just under 80 lbs., the amp comes stock with thick plastic handles that make carrying this amplifier up stairs or long distances a painful chore. The Gator case that was a part of my purchase protects the amp well during travel and transport, but makes moving the amp a two person job due to it’s size and awkwardness.

Again, the tones this amp is able to produce are fantastic. Although I use a pedal board (brownie points for the Effects Loop), I have no problem performing on stage with this amp sans tone boxes.


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