Chamberlain Music

Never without an acoustic guitar out-of-reach, Kyle Chamberlain continues to work on original music with more than a half-dozen songs already recorded.

“This first studio album of mine has been a real adventure! I’ve been writing songs for years but I never really finished anything – all my songs had parts missing and just simply got abandoned.”

P1000732“I teamed up with producer/engineer Bill Todd of Dark Highway Recording and we began working on music together, the first real co-writing experience I ever had, and it was great! We’ve done three songs together now and I like to think of them as The Singles. We had set out with specific goals for each song and worked really hard to meet our own criteria.”

Tentatively titled Seattle On Fire, Kyle doesn’t plan to rush the writing and recording process; he feels that a more organic approach will yield the best results.

“I’ve torn down all barriers! I had this plan, with all the little details covered and I threw them out. I want this to be a record of the stage of life that I’m in – the only thing that you can count on is that it’ll be eclectic, and it’ll move you in one way or another.”

“It’s really an album that pays tribute to my heroes, my influences and reaches in directions I’ve never reached before with my music. It’s kind of got that something-for-everyone vibe about it too. There’s what I like to call Club Rock but there’s also some raw bluesy stuff, but it’s all pretty fun to listen to.”

With no time restrictions on the recording of his album, Kyle takes part in many other musical projects in various roles ranging from producer/engineer, guitarist, vocalist and more.

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