Kyle Chamberlain, doing his media production thang.I am a new media developer and multimedia professional graduate from Assiniboine Community College in Brandon, MB.

My studies focused on audio and video production for broadcast television, audio engineering, as well as multimedia production for the web.

Interests of mine are wide and range from e-learning, music production, physical science, business solutions, technology systems and social media.

Never without an acoustic guitar out-of-reach, I continue to work on original music with more than a half-dozen songs already recorded for an album I plan on calling Seattle On Fire.

With no time restrictions on the recording of this album, I’m taking part in many other musical projects in various roles ranging from producer/engineer, guitarist, vocalist and more.

As a producer of both music and multimedia, I’m always listening to something. Whether it’s Robert Johnson from the 30’s or Nickleback from yesterday, I’m gennerally found listening to Rock or Blues – which is why it’s not surprising when people see me take the stage on a weekend in a band or sit in on a jam at a local bar.

Singing and playing guitar is something I’ve always done and anyone that knows me refers to me as a “Tune Hound”. I can usually tell you what new artists you’ll hear on the radio in the coming months, and I’m a fanatic for one hit wonders.


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